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If you are viewing our website, it is likely that you are someone who needs legal services. You need sound advice.

You need competent representation. You need to be secure in the knowledge that you have entrusted your legal problems to the right law firm.

This web site is designed to show you what this firm and its attorneys are all about. This firm can handle many of the problems which confront individuals and businesses. We will use our firm's collective experience, standing in the legal community and good relationship with others to your advantage. The legal knowledge and life experiences which each of our attorneys has, gives us the ability to properly represent you.

This firm is not so big that we hold ourselves out as able to do whatever a client needs. We think that you will find that dealing with a law firm our size has many advantages, namely, we can guaranty you that the attorney that will be handling a particular matter for you will have no less than ten (10) years experience in the legal field

In today's crowded legal marketplace, there are a vast number of firms which claim to provide good results and economical resolution of claims for clients. As a potential client, how do you evaluate all these firms and their promises?
  • A law firm should be measured by results. Whether it occurs through trial or by settlement, arbitration or persuasion, Straus & Patel gets results for our clients.
  • A law firm should be judged by its standing in the community. Straus & Patel has the respect of our peers, adversaries and the judges in front of whom we appear. We are proud of the good relationships that we have built and believe that our reputation can do nothing but help you.
  • Law firms should be fiscally responsible and efficient. Straus & Patel is both. It will cost money to have legal matters attended to as they need to be. Part of our job is to accurately evaluate the cost and value of each case, which, in turn, allows you to make an informed decision about resolving your action. We believe in assigning the right attorney to the right task, and do not believe that overcharging clients is the right way to run a business.
  • Law firms should be judged on responsiveness. When you have a problem, you want to know that it is being addressed. You need to have the time and information to make accurate decisions about your case. However, to some larger firms, a client is just a number or address - there is little or no direct contact with the people who they represent. At some small firms, the attorneys are so busy that they just can't keep up. Straus and Patel is the right size to be able to maintain a personal relationship with all of our clients. Keeping a human face on each file reminds us on a daily basis that the work we do has concrete effects on the daily lives of real people - and that's as important to you as it is to us.

We encourage you to call and talk to us. Ask us questions. Tell us what you want. If you decide to retain Straus & Patel, we promise to work with you to achieve the best possible result. We will analyze your situation, give you advice, and implement your decisions. We are flexible regarding fee arrangements and mindful of legal costs. We are experienced attorneys and we can help you.
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